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~ Oeufs Mimosa – Food Journals from a Month in Paris

Written by Siân Lathrop & Lucia Bell-Epstein
Photography by Lucia Bell-Epstein

Siân – Sunday, March 6th. 6pm.

We are flying over the Atlantic, on our way to Paris from New York City. It’s the first time we have been since the world shut down in 2020. Over the course of the next month, Lucia and I will interview Chefs, restaurateurs and creatives about their experience in the Paris food scene. What you are reading are excerpts from these travels – snapshots of a month in France.

Our plane food arrives and it is terrible. Lucia’s bread is better than mine so I steal her dinner roll. Off to a good start.

Siân – Monday, March 7th. 2 PM.

We meet up with Simonez Wolf – a stylist and restaurateur from Paris who moved to NYC for 18 years before making his way back to France during the pandemic. Lucien and Mia from STP connected us.

He is about to open a business in Paris, a Banh Mi shop called “Tâm Banh Mi”, named after his mother. The physical space isn’t open yet, so we can’t meet him there (although after hearing what he plans to serve I will most definitely be back as soon as it is open).

Instead, he suggests The Dreaming Man, a third wave coffee shop opened by Yuichiro Sugiyama and his partner Yui Matsuzaki. It’s the antithesis of the classic Parisian sidewalk espresso, the place serves acidic Danish roasted coffee, pour overs and Japanese style patisserie to go. I remark on this as we sit outside waiting for our drinks. Simonez laughs, “Parisians want to walk with their coffees now, not just sit sipping for hours.”

He is right. In recent years the French Bistro/Brasserie has had somewhat of a renaissance in New York. Old haunts have become incredibly trendy once again. Think Lucien on a Friday night, Buvette on a Sunday morning, and Balthazar almost always. In Paris, however, restaurant goers are moving away from the classic French Fare. There’s a NewYorkification of the coffee scene, and the tweezer-style plating found in the highest end restaurants has been interrupted by a new wave of casual, approachable food. Basque style small plates and natural wine reign here.

Simonez has his own opinions on the predominant sharing / tapas style menus. “It’s boring.” I am taken aback by his honesty. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and I really love some of those places, but at some point it all turned into the same thing.” Simonez has been back in Paris for a little under two years, and craves the food he left behind in New York. He misses the multiculturalism of the scene, and the wide availability of fast casual food.

Simonez plans on serving the classics while also trying out new sandwiches – all while relying on locally sourced and seasonal produce. When we meet him, he’s in the midst of deciding on the perfect bread for the sandwich. “I’m looking for something soft, but not too soft.” It’s a delicate balance.

~ Armando Nin & the “Sham-Shows”.. frame #1

Today I woke up in odd mood and decided to release one image from my “Sham-Show” collection. None of these copies ever touched the internet. There are a total of six endorsements that are more humorous than the last and I’ll feature on STP every so often, with more context perhaps (even though its self explanatory). Each were a public announcement that I considered as a hoax but the undertaking was evident. Each bulletin was commercially exhibited near each gallery/institution and received no true consequence.

~ to the moon and the stars, with love

the thing is, I already know that I’m starry eyed. I didn’t need people to remind me. but even with my head so far in the clouds, the dreamy promises of digital, decentralized money – the blockchain…they still feel cold hard to me. even in this online world, what goes up still comes down. though there is something different here.

i’m hopeful and looking for the brighter side. i can believe that it exists, but i am being honest that i have not found it yet – beyond what has stirred the pot in the ever mysterious art world.

these days i wonder do we live in the same world? oh but at least the same galaxy. you can go for the moon, but the stars are worth a look.

~ MEMEs By Santiago Corredor Vergara

Memes have taken on unprecedented cultural significance in the last two decades, as social media has become a ubiquitous means of communication. The significance of these seemingly insignificant images goes far beyond their obvious capacity to visually transmit a joke–memes move mountains; they’ve swayed elections after all. More importantly, it is their capacity to foster community among people invested and interested in niche topics.

The memes Santiago creates are invested in contemporary art, theory, and highlight the traditional art world’s contradictions. These memes are a thoughtful testament to a deep appreciation for the world of art. By bringing the memes on chain, it creates a space for these pieces to exist as a collectible art and elevates them as a legitimate art form. Santiago is releasing his first NFTs as a series of memes originally posted on @servingthepeople. This series reimagines the confines of what is considered art and paves the way for meme accounts and creators to retain ownership of their work.

A portion of the proceeds from the secondary sale will be donated to the Serving the People Foundation. Keep an eye out for his series set to launch this May.

Santiago, also known as @pl0xi_the_arsonist, is a 25 year old painter, who spends his time between New York City and Bogotá. He graduated from The Cooper Union in 2018 and is currently pursuing a masters in philosophy at the University of Salamanca. Santiago has been creating memes for Serving the People’s Instagram for the past year. His contribution has helped cultivate and onboard an amazing audience to @servingthepeople’s community.

For more information visit:

~ AdWorld Character Creator is Live!

AdWorld is a collection of 3333 Samskara that grant you access to our AdCitizen Character Creator.

A transmedia tie-in narrative to the upcoming album from artist and musician Santangelo, in collaboration with animator Pedro Bello. Learn more at AdWorld.Game.

~ Stunning 7-figure Botero masterpiece at Artnet Auctions

Woman in Front of a Mirror (Mujer en Frente de un Espejo), 1986
Oil on canvas
63 3/4 x 49 1/4 in. (162 x 125 cm.)
Signed and dated ‘Botero 86’ lower right
This work is available for private viewing at Artnet’s headquarters in New York.

Estimate: 1,200,000 – 1,800,000 USD
Live in Post-War & Contemporary Art | May 5-18, 2022
The Auction Lot Closes on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 12:17 p.m. EST (USA)


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